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Changes for 2010! March 25, 2010

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Hello all!!! Welcome to a New Year! There are so many changes happening around us with the government and economy….where does it all stop? I am creating a new price guide for portraits, one that will help you and me in this year of uncertainty~

First, I want to make a note about a comment that was made to me during a Senior Portrait Session…”You are not just a photographer, you are an artist too. Your job is not easier today because of digital, film was easier!” This client was to right about this. In the time of film, I would process the images and had off the proofs and negatives. With digital, lighting options are different and timing into the session take more. With digital all know the possibilities of what you can do with Photoshop or other editing tools. This makes my processing longer, offering up several imagine options for my clients. So there is more time that is needed to create the portraits my clients desire! This is all done as part of your session fee.

Sessions fees? or otherwise known as a Sitting Fee. There are some chain portrait companies that are offering your “session” without a sitting fee and your prints in 15 minutes…..but wait what if you son has a bruise of his forehead, our your baby has a stork bite from birth….or you have a blimpish that morning….all in your print! So why do I charge a session fee? For an hour of photographing you and your loved ones, I take about 2-3 hours to touch up any of the above or other issues. I create for you color and black and white images as well come creative portraits too. So your one hour session actually takes about four hours to have finished portraits to see.

Second, print prices are changing again. Some of the most credited labs for professional photographers are loosing on business because of lower cost prints through department store labs. Walmart and Target offer you low cost prints but what really is the quality of them. Your wallets are not rounded and actual wallet size! I do use a professional lab for my prints. I think that the paper and quality are great! As well they back up all the images I send them if I need to get them again. But from now on, on my prices Wallets will not be the term I use. These will be refereed to as Billfolds.

The change I will be making, affective April 1st 2010 is my print prices. Any prints ordered through me, Billfolds to 8×10 prints will have “LK” in the lower corner. Any sizes bigger will be hand signed. Remember that an artist takes pride in their work and wants it to reflect their creativity. A photographer can just take a picture and pass it along! There is a difference between them both. However, photographers can either just take a picture or take a great portrait! You can decide on which is best for your family!!!

New Portrait Prices: (these do include Tax!)

8 Linen Billfolds         $9.00

4×6 Portraits               $7.00

5×7 Portraits              $9.00

8×10 Portraits            $21.50

11×14 Portraits         $45.00

Another change that will be in affect this fall is my Session Fees will be changing. From November through March, an hour session fee for children and families will only be $95.00. From May through October they will be $125.

All Non-Profit Organizations will need to mail a letter to me for donations as well.

I hope that you have a great 2010!!!