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Selling Stock Photos March 21, 2011

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First, I have come to realize that “I” am not the best about blogging. Most in the profession say that you should find time to blog at least once a day or a few times a week. UM……that is tough for me to fill. But I am trying harder.

Second, this week I took on an adventure. Selected some pictures I have taken on the side, as “Stock” portraits. There are many different online sources in which to sell your stock on. So….why not give it a try since business is a bit slow and the extra $$$$ could be well used.

The response was not want I had expected and certainly had me doubting my photography abilities…..but are not all artists their own worst critic???

The first company was just a try, but was not the one I really wanted to go with to begin. It was the easiest to post too, once I figured out Firezilla. They crashed down 8 of the 10 images submitted. You had to have 7 of 10 approved in order to become their “client.”

Then I tried iStockphoto……looking at some of the pictures they had available for stock purchase, that I would not have a problem…..they also only required 3 pictures for submission.

The response was this…. “At this time we regret to inform you that we did not feel the overall composition of your photography or subject matter is at the minimum level of standard for iStockphoto. The photographs provided in your application should be diverse in subject matter, technical ability and should be your best work. Think conceptual, creative and most important think Stock photography. Try to avoid the average eye level push the button perspective of a common subject. Try and impress us, we want to see how you stand out from the crowd. ”

These are the pictures I have submitted for stock………please feel free to tell me your thoughts!


Meet Toby December 16, 2010

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I find that I have a terrible desire to own more and more chairs for the studio. Though some are about the same style, others are different. I have many other props in the studio as well and enjoy all the time I get to spend in the studio with my clients.

But when I think about the past year and all that I have accomplished and changed, the one prop that really is love the most by most clients (99.9% of them) would be our 7 year old Schnauzer. Toby is a very mild mannered dog. He is hypoallergenic and LOVES everyone. This may all have to do with his puppyhood days.

When Toby was about a year old, he was snatched in the jaws of a pit bull. This new neighborhood dog had just moved in the area from Council Bluffs after the city banning of the breed. Toby was a trooper and survived the attack and emergency surgery. Not sure of what his behavior would be like after this, we just kept him close to the family and nurtured him.

Toby loves people and ofter has a problem being around dogs that are too big (except Cooper, best friends Boxer). But he adores the attention from all the families that come to our home. But he also loves to have his picture taken. NOT the case is most other dogs!!

This year Toby has been an asset to the studio, even high school seniors have had their pictures taken with him and had wallets printed to share with friends.


So maybe the next time you come to the studio, you too may have Toby stroll into your picture for his shot and leave once the flash as gone off!



But What About Dad?? October 9, 2009

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I come to realize that the important people to really keep happy at a wedding is the bride, her mother and the grooms mother. It is an entese, emotional day and basically women are the ones who become the greater overwhelmed and emotional ones on this day…….that is a good thing, I believe.

The Groom knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with the one he dearly and truly loves. The wedding day, his gift is the hand he holds that day and the on the day of illness, the day of happiness, the day of his first born as well as they grow older together.

But what about Dad??

I was priviledged to get to photograph Amanda Holtmeyer and Brett Schrage’s wedding. It was a beautiful day and everyone seemed to have a great time laughing, crying and celebrating.

Amanda’s dad had a clever way to insure that he too got a little attention on that wonderful day he took in a son-in-law!

I love this card and thought it would be great to share with all out there!!!



“I am the father of the bride. Welcome to Amanda and Bretts wedding.  Nobody is paying much attention to me today but I can assure you that I am getting my share of attention. My bank and several  business are watching me very closely today. Thank you for coming!”


Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry! September 28, 2009

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I am always on on the look out for my brides!!! I discovered today, an amazing artist in jewelry making.

Bettina, is originally from Germany. She has a craftsman-ship with beads that I have never seen before….plus her prices are one that all could appreciate. Bettina works from her home! And her husband is in the Marines. She has a wonderful art to share with all….but wait do not see what you are looking for Bettina will custom make what you are dreaming of.

Whether this is for your bride to be, or your bridesmaids as a thank you gift.. I am certain that you could not resist what Bettina can do.

I met her tonight at the Westroads Mall. She was part of an exhibit for “work from home business’s” (there was not a photographer there….hum???) But she had some beautiful hairpins with roses on them. All the floral designs on the hair pins and rings are hand-carved by Bettina…….

I am looking forward to a long time relationship with Bettina and her business. I hope that you will all take a minute to look at the beauty she creates.

Gift Ideas:

Mom ‘s (brides think about mom!!)

Bridesmaids Thank You Gifts

Your Bride!!!


Christmas is around the corner

as well Birthdays and Anniversaries too!!!

Bettina Johnson Jewelry


Located in Bellevue!9035_1123933903425_1379458370_30301572_2855247_n


Look forward to hearing your thoughts!!!


Illusion? August 31, 2009

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photographic illusion

photographic illusion

In photographing the Lloyd Family at Mahoney State Park, I captured this picture. Now I was not fully paying attention to what I was getting, I can admit that because of how it turned out.

In looking at this image you can see that the young people I was capturing were still standing opposite the little water pond in front of me. They will admiring the life this little pond had and I seen one small example of that.

I was focused on the frog in the water with his eyes reflecting the water. I was not paying attention to the legs of the youth reflecting as well.

Tell me what you think of this!


The Hicks Family August 27, 2009

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I was honored to be able to photography my Aunt Paula and Uncle Steve and their family recently. My Cousin Andrea is pregnant and my Cousin Josh has enlisted in the Marines. Though the family is growing together with a new baby on the way. They are also growing deeper in prayer as Josh prepares for the Marines.