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About March 23, 2009

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First, I love what I do! Being a photographer has given me the artistic ability to capture life in so many aspects. Often I am asked if I get bored with photography. The answer is “no.”  There are so a many uncountable reasons to have a camera in my hands.

I have been photographing for most of my life. As a child, I always wanted to use a camera. My first was a Kodak 110 camera. Wow! It was the neatest thing and then when I moved to Europe for a year after high school graduation, my grandpa John gave me my first 35mm camera. Wow again! That camera too a beating with the hundreds of rolls of film I used while there. That camera actually recently died when my children were using it.

Then the day I would marry, I used funds to hire a photographer and purchased my first 35mm SLR Minolta camera from Fingerhut! No it was not an up town camera shop, but I loved it! I taught a close friend how to use the camera and she captured every moment of my day. And back then WOW I owned my own negatives and prints.

Now I have 4 children! They are the reason for all I do! For it is not what I know but how I use my knowledge to get ahead in life. They are my inspiration and my life. But wait, there is my husband Randy too. He is the greatest supporter ever in my adventures in this business. Often he will assist me if I really need to get extra coverage at a wedding or reception. And he really listens when I explain to him on how to set the camera settings. He has become a good pro at it all. But with my children and husband behind me all the way, it make all that I do even better!

Now I got started by assisting another Omaha Wedding Photographer seven years ago. For nearly two years, I learned the tasks of being a wedding photographer. That was still the film days, where I had to pace myself with only eight rolls of film per wedding. Man that was tough! But the one time I got to see all the pictures I had photographed, I knew I was going to be on my own soon. I purchased my first Digital Camera and shot my mothers best friends daughters wedding ( sorry for the mouthful!). But that was just the starting of what would become my own business.

I started small with only thinking ten weddings in the first year. Word of Mouth really got out there and actually photographed twenty weddings my first year. By the end of my fourth year in business, I had photographed forty three weddings that year. Now nearing the end of my fifth year, I have kept my wedding number to a comfortable level. I feel it important to have lots of time to give my brides their pictures in the time frame I promise them. As well in the past year I have added a Bebe Collection and photographing more families and seniors.

My visions are endless, but the more creative parts come through with the technology of Photoshop. I love to create fun images for my clients as well all color and all black and white.

In my future, I would love to move out of the house with my business as my children grow older. As much as I love what I do, my family does come first!

Lesley Knox

Lesley Knox


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  1. randall knox Says:

    Hi honey!

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