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Portrait Session Fees May 10, 2012

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Have you ever met a person who makes you completely inadequate when it comes making decisions about your business?

Recently I have had to stand my footing on what I believe in my business.  Explain the reasoning for why I charge my session fee as a flat rate instead of a per person rate. In doing some research, the 15 different photographer sites I visited (two were from the Omaha/Bellevue area), only one charged a per person rate of $50 (Minnesota Photographer). Others had a standard rate from $95 to $300 per session, no matter the number of people in the group.

An hour session for a photographer today, is not just the amount of time photographing. It is the time behind the computer, commute and professional equipment and software.  So when looking at a family of 6 (the size of my family), if I charged the $50 per person then it would be $300 for the session and say the children in this group is older and it ended that the amount of pictures was more than the family with say, one child. But I choose to have a set fee per session…… my business right? Seems fair when I look at it this way. An hour session generally ends in the same amount of pictures, no matter the number of people in the group.

So to answer the question why do I charge a mom of one child the same session cost as a mom of six children? The mom of six children gets about the same amount of pictures as the mom of one child. However, the mom of one gets way more portrait options than the mom of six. One child gets more pictures of them-self and the six are more grouped and a few individual.  The same amount of my time and sometimes more work to be done with the one child than the six together.

So why? Because it comes down to no mater the number of people I photograph,  it is my talent and my gift that you are purchasing.  With the cost of business, insurance, marketing, software, equipment and much more….. what I charge is not nearly what I should be charging.

But because I love what I do and being a christian, cannot bear to charge more than I do!

Thank you to all my clients and friends who help keep my business and love of photography alive!!!!

God Bless You All!!!!