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Not Just Your Wedding Photographer…. January 9, 2011

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When I  started in photographing weddings many years ago, someone told me “your not hired to be their friend, let the bridesmaids help the bride. Your just to take pictures!”

Well I find this statement to be completely wrong. I have gained so many new friendships and close ones too from my business clients. I love all my brides and mommies!!  I am blessed that they hired me above all the other options of photographers that they had. I owe them compassion and understanding as well a helping hand if I can.

I have in my BIG camera bag many helpful items for a bride or client. Some of these are: cork screw, pocket knife, safety pins, bobby pins, straight pins, double sided sticky tape, trash bag, Visine, and tissues. I have used all of these so many times and glad to take the few minutes to assist so that we can keep on schedule for the wedding day!

Often times I have held little ones of bridesmaids so that I could capture the entire wedding party picture.  A wedding guest captured this moment for me.

As well brought small toys for flower girls and ring bearers to encourage them to do a great job and they would take the gift home.

I take much pride in work and doing all I can to soak up any stress for a bride and groom on their day!!!

In the end, my product is that one that will last more than a life time but several!

In my latest wedding, when checking to see if the bride and groom had everything they needed to enjoy their meal, the bride asked if I would cut her chicken. Certainly joking but not wanting to get it on her dress, I did cut her chicken for her. Luck y to have an assistant to this wedding to capture me in action.

I do have many brides that would agree to my “going above and beyond” on their wedding date.

One wedding, in this fall, I wish there was an assistant, there was much happening when I arrived at the brides mother’s house for getting ready.  Mom was sewing her dress still and the bride was having troubles with her hair. I put down my camera and asked what I could do….”Can you sew?”  Thinking they were joking, I said yes. I made the brides vial on the wedding day, as well helped her with her hair, curled and pinned mom’s hair. As well at the ceremony/reception location I assisted in decorating the tables and getting the ceremony candles ready.

This is mom’s hair, I got it all done while she finished sewing:

As everyone was sitting to eat at the reception, I noticed that the wedding cakes were not out and the table not decorated. I cleared that table and decorated it as well made the cake topper. It turned out beautiful and all the guest thought the table was wonderful!

This is the table before:

The table after and the wedding cake with topper, just tossed together:

So if you are wondering if I am going to just show up and only be your photographer…….well I hope that is not the case!