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Meet Toby December 16, 2010

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I find that I have a terrible desire to own more and more chairs for the studio. Though some are about the same style, others are different. I have many other props in the studio as well and enjoy all the time I get to spend in the studio with my clients.

But when I think about the past year and all that I have accomplished and changed, the one prop that really is love the most by most clients (99.9% of them) would be our 7 year old Schnauzer. Toby is a very mild mannered dog. He is hypoallergenic and LOVES everyone. This may all have to do with his puppyhood days.

When Toby was about a year old, he was snatched in the jaws of a pit bull. This new neighborhood dog had just moved in the area from Council Bluffs after the city banning of the breed. Toby was a trooper and survived the attack and emergency surgery. Not sure of what his behavior would be like after this, we just kept him close to the family and nurtured him.

Toby loves people and ofter has a problem being around dogs that are too big (except Cooper, best friends Boxer). But he adores the attention from all the families that come to our home. But he also loves to have his picture taken. NOT the case is most other dogs!!

This year Toby has been an asset to the studio, even high school seniors have had their pictures taken with him and had wallets printed to share with friends.


So maybe the next time you come to the studio, you too may have Toby stroll into your picture for his shot and leave once the flash as gone off!