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Location Location Location!!! October 11, 2010

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Being a Photographer is wonderful! I absolutely love what I do and what I give my clients.

I had a wonderful time photographing Amanda Phillips and Elliot Harris’s engagements on 10.10.2010. The day was beautiful and Elliot had selected some wonderful spots for their session.

It was beyond wonderful truly! I love when I am behind my camera and can totally amaze myself with what I captured.

On our second location, the was were really well created with graffiti.  And I glanced and seen a wonderful rustic door. This was a hot spot for me. Then there was the wall of wonderful colored leaved that indicated the beauty of Fall. I had to use it.. this is what I captured.


amanda and elliot

fall in love


Now the area around us was not all that beautiful. Keep in mind that this was in an alley way. Keeping Amanda and Elliot away from the debris and catching the wall of fall behind them was easy to do, they had to just not look on the ground around them. This is what was in the remaining background.

Fall Time Alley Way

This was certainly a place for which on person rests their head at night. But with the beauty if offers, who would not want a bed room with such live and vibrant colors?  Truly a lesson, that if you close your eyes to the ground around you, you will miss the beauty that otherwise surrounds it.